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Our team specializes in creating high-converting TikTok content by crafting exciting and engaging ads. With our expertise in video editing, we can help take your brand to the next level by generating leads through stunning ad campaigns.

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Our team consists of skilled TikTok marketing experts with a proven track record of generating high-quality leads and attracting lucrative dental patients to your practice. Let us help you elevate your marketing strategy and grow your business with our expertise.

Megan Leslie

Managed largest DSO in the country

Manages 7-figure dental marketing ad spend across the entire USA. Recognized by TikTok for top 1% of ad creative in 2022!

Vimal Sampath

multiple 7-figure practice

Manages 7-figure dental marketing ad spend across the entire USA. Recognized by TikTok for top 1% of ad creative in 2022!

Casey Belloso

Casey Belloso

Top 1% TikTok Media Buyer

Manages 7-figure dental marketing ad spend across the entire USA. Recognized by TikTok for top 1% of ad creative in 2022!

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“Success is not measured by the amount of money you make or the number of followers you have, but by the positive impact you have on others. Keep making a difference!”

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How It Works!

Our process begins with signing our contract, which outlines the scope of work and sets clear expectations for the project. Next, we move on to creating engaging TikTok videos that capture the attention of your target audience. Launching your campaign ensures maximum visibility and reach, utilizing proven tactics and strategies to optimize performance. Additionally, our 1-on-1 coaching calls provide ongoing support and guidance to enhance the effectiveness of the campaign and drive results. With our comprehensive approach, you can expect a seamless experience that delivers exceptional results while ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the project.

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If you’re looking for a dental marketing agency in the US that can help you get more patients from TikTok, look no further than Cobia Marketing. We are a leading provider of TikTok marketing services for dentists in the USA, and we can help you grow your dental practice quickly and efficiently.

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Asked Questions

Want to step up your digital marketing efforts but are not sure about it?
No worries, our FAQ section has it covered.
Read through some of the common concerns businesses have about digital marketing and how they can start improving their online presence and engaging with more customers.

Better still, give us a call on (407 – 890 – 9966) for a free consultation on how digital marketing can benefit your brand. It would be great to connect with you over a call and, even better, over a cup of coffee.

Yes. It definitely is!

In fact, small businesses tend to benefit from advertising on TikTok due to its flexibility and detailed campaigning. As a result, small businesses can generate qualified leads using video ads on TikTok and get a better ROI.

Moreover, advertising on TikTok is more economical as compared to other social media platforms.

TikTok is the perfect advertising medium for dentists, as it allows dentists to connect and engage with potential patients directly. Dentists can plan their advertising campaigns based on specific topics and subjects that may be interesting to their patients. That will help them build a large follower base. 

Some of the topics dentists can use to promote their practice are oral health tips, explainer videos on different procedures, etc.

Dentists need to note that TikTok attracts users because it is a fun, entertaining medium, so all their content should be entertaining and engaging. The better the entertainment value, the more chances your video goes viral. 

TikTok is currently the most popular social media app worldwide. It attracts audiences of different demographics, income levels, and interests, making it ideal for dentists looking to expand and grow their practice. 

Dentists can also target high-value patients by creating and sharing videos on high-end services such as dental implants. Another significant advantage TikTok has is its low advertising rates since it is a new medium. 

The importance of SEO can be better understood by analyzing the CTR (Click-Through-Ratio) of web pages that rank on top. 

As per a study done by SEO experts, the position of your website on the Google search engine result page has a significant impact on the number of clicks your website can achieve. Websites ranking first have 144% more clicks than those ranked second. 

The below table illustrates this point and emphasizes the importance of ensuring your page ranks among the top search results.

Position One: 30.2%
Position Two: 12.33%
Position Three: 7.77%
Position Four: 4.23%
Position Five: 2.78%


PPC Advertising is the best result-oriented advertising medium.

Businesses looking for more control over their digital marketing activities should consider PPC Ads. The best factor about PPC ads is that you need to pay for them when the ad delivers results, like getting people to visit your website or giving you a call.

Some of the advantages you enjoy while advertising on TikTok are:

  • Efficient & Specific Audience Targeting
  • Better Cost-control
  • Flexibility in managing ad budgets
  • Immersive video ads that play on the full screen along with dynamic sound options
  • A Smart Video AI tool that helps you visualize your video’s visual and styling to make it more engaging.
  • Access to royalty-free music & video 
  • Responsive Customer Support

Dentists can use TikTok to grow a fan following with whom they can share details about the latest dental procedures, oral health tips, special offers, promotions, etc. In addition, dentists can also use TikTok to generate leads for their practice using TikTok advertising.

Dentists can also use TikTok for 

  • Community Building
  • Driving Brand Awareness
  • Retargeting existing customers to inform them of the latest treatments available
  • Finding new patients
  • Targeting high-value patients. 
  • Increasing traffic to their website

While TikTok videos are usually 60 seconds in length, video experts suggest keeping your video between 15 to 45 seconds for maximum effectiveness, considering people’s short attention spans.

Adverting on TikTok is pretty simple. You can actually launch your ad in minutes.

Step 1: Select your objective

Step 2: Set your budget, targeting, and bidding method

Step3: Upload the video/image you would like to promote. Add a description/message and then a Call-To-Action statement such as “Call Now” or “Visit Now”

Step 4: Review all your campaign settings

Step 5: Submit. Your ad campaign is now all set to start getting results. 

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