Get New Patients With Direct Mail

Get New Patients

With Direct Mail

A steady stream of new patients is a critical part of your dental practice. Direct mail for Dentists is one of the most economical ways to quickly improve your branding as a local Dentist. We create custom-craft direct mail pieces that uniquely position your dental practice. We offer several direct mail options for those working in the dental care profession, including general dentists, orthodontists, endodontists, and periodontists.

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Step 1: Choose A Mail Piece

Step 1: Choose A Mail Piece

Not sure which option is best-suited to your current situation? We can help. Let our years of experience in creating direct mail for dentists work for you. We’ll share our expertise and help you benefit from what we’ve learned along the way.

Step 2: Choose Your Audience

We have multiple options when it comes to choosing the best audience for you and your practice. We can send mail to everyone in a certain region with saturation direct mail, or if you are looking for a more targeted approach of you are looking to choose specific demographics of prospective patients within your region to increase the returns on your direct mailings. Cobia can also help assist you in attracting the attention of people and families who have just moved into your area. By capturing this market early, you have a better chance of getting them to make you their dentist of choice.

Step 2: Choose Your Audience

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Step 3: Deploy And Enjoy

Step 3: Deploy And Enjoy

Our goal is to help your dental practice grow without taking time away from your patients. From design to audience targeting to ensuring your mailer makes it to mailboxes on time, we make direct mail for dentists almost effortless. We’ll worry about executing your dental direct mail campaign so you and your team don’t have to.

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