Social Media Marketing For Dentists

Dental marketing today is a two-way street wherein you need to communicate your services to prospective patients. At the same time you need to listen to and understand their needs.
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Social media marketing for dentists may seem irrelevant to many dental practitioners. But on the contrary, it can add immense value to their practice and even help attract high-value patients. Cobia Marketing shares some tips on growing your practice using social media marketing.

With concerns about maintaining one’s health taking a priority in these post-Covid times, it’s no wonder that people are also getting increasingly concerned about their oral health.

This growth in demand for dental services leads to a spurt in the number of dental clinics, resulting in healthy competition among dental clinics to attract more patients.

In such a scenario, dentists can no longer rely on word-of-mouth publicity or referrals to sustain and grow their practice, which was the norm earlier.

The answer to the predicament dentists face is simple. They need to up their marketing game and make digital marketing a part of their dental marketing strategy. 

Digital marketing encompasses marketing tools such as email marketing, paid advertising, content marketing, SEO, website optimization, and more. In this blog, we will take a closer look at social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing For Dentists is essential to grow their practice

Why do dentists need social media marketing?

One of the biggest marketing goals is to be seen and heard by your target audiences. They need to be aware of your services and look you up when they need them.

Social media marketing helps you achieve this and much more. Here are some of the benefits of social media marketing for dentists.

Open up a communication channel with your patients

Dental marketing today is a two-way street wherein you need to communicate your services to prospective patients. At the same time you need to listen to and understand their needs.

With an active social media presence, you can invite prospective patients to share their feedback/comments on your services. You can also learn more about what they expect from a dental clinic, their experience, and specific requirements.

You can also share information about the latest dental techniques available in your clinic.

Reduce concerns that people may have about particular treatments, dental expenses, financing, etc.

Build credibility and trust

A good dental practice is all about your credibility, and the trust patients have in you.

As you share information about your practice, you will gradually build up a trust level among prospective patients. 

Sharing images and videos of before-and-after cases of specific dental procedures will help showcase your expertise. It will also help attract patients with similar problems to your clinic. 

Attract New Patients

As your social media followers grow, so will the number of people becoming more aware of your clinic and services. That will result in more walk-ins to your clinic and website visits for appointments. 

You can also promote special offers on your social media channels to increase the number of leads. 

Advertise your services

Social media channels are second to none as an advertising and lead generation medium. They are more cost-effective than traditional advertising channels such as television, print, and outdoor, but they also offer immense flexibility in targeting specific audiences and neighborhoods. 

By advertising on social media channels, you can easily monitor the effectiveness of your ads and ROI and adjust your campaigns accordingly for the best results. Some social media channels also offer an in-built CRM that helps you contact the leads generated and track their progress till treatment and feedback collection.

How can dentists get the best results through social media marketing?

Like other marketing channels, social media marketing has its norms and rules to get the best out of it. However, if you are a dentist just starting with social media marketing, the tips below can help you.

  1. Be regular and consistent with your social media posts. 
  2. Share content that is informative and helpful to people to share with others.
  3. Make your posts visually appealing to garner your audience’s attention
  4. Consider using short-form videos, as they are the in-thing nowadays
  5. Create behind-the-scenes videos as they resonate best with audiences. 
  6. Create and share a series of videos on a particular topic, such as smile makeovers. You can create an entire series from the consultation period to the final smile makeover and the patient’s experience with his new teeth. 
  7. Conduct polls and surveys to know what people feel about oral health issues, the latest technologies, etc. 
  8. Respond to comments and queries received on the social media channels within specified timelines

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Social Media Marketing is the best marketing tool, provided it is used right.

Social media marketing offers immense benefits to dentists and can help you attract high-value patients to your practice. However, to get the best from your social media marketing, it is advisable to work with a dental marketing agency with experience and expertise, such as myDentalConnect

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