From Shoppers to Buyers

From Shoppers to Buyers: How to Turn Leads into Sales in the Automotive Sales Funnel

In the automotive world, a successful auto sales funnel can increase the sales from leads by ten folds. If you haven’t taken advantage of this yet, you’re missing out on potential clients daily.
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Any marketing specialist knows that a sales funnel is a necessity for businesses today.
It provides a visual step-by-step process that makes goals easier to follow. Every decision needed is laid out in front of you.

In the automotive world, a successful auto sales funnel can increase the sales from leads by ten folds. If you haven’t taken advantage of this yet, you’re missing out on potential clients daily. The competition isn’t limited to just car dealers anymore.

When utilizing or creating your auto sales funnel, there are four major steps regarding leads to be considered.

Automotive Sales Funnel

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1. Visitors & Market Consideration

 The first step of your automotive sales funnel depends on your website’s visitors. What information they are collecting to enable them to take the next step to click and inquire about your cars. During this stage, potential leads are thinking about what issues they have in which they need a new car, and how this new purchase with relieve future problems.

They are just beginning to collect information and check out all possibilities. That means your advertisements, copy, and design should create a hook so they won’t forget your valuable product that provides everything they’re looking for. Even if they don’t click and contact you right away, your ad will stick with them.

2. Snagging the Lead & Model Consideration

During this stage, it’s time to reel in the lead because they have determined what’s most important for them. They have also narrowed down their list of standards. A potential client is more than likely to visit your website and inquire about your cars. That gives you the opportunity to receive their email and phone number.

Once you have their contact information, don’t hesitate on giving them a call and email immediately to grab their attention first before anyone else does.

3. Convince the Lead with Dealership Consideration

Through their own research, the potential customer knows at this stage how much they can afford. They are also sure about the type of car they’d want, and the features they would want to invest in. Even if you haven’t talked to the customer yet, this stage is extremely important for you. Because the customers are checking out your website to see if you have anything that matches their interests.

You have to prove that your company is reputable through great copy and aesthetically pleasing visuals that provide all the technical details they need. These aspects also flow well into actual conversation because you can build other points off of them to intrigue the lead about their favorite car even more.

4. Getting the Buyer to the Dealership

 The final stage of the auto sales funnel can make or break your lead if not executed correctly and can be seen as deceiving if not absolutely clear. At this point, your advertisements and direct contact have hooked the potential customer and they’re ready to come in to test-drive the vehicle.

You need to make sure that your digital advertisements state any discounts or services that your dealership is featuring, so you can reiterate them when the lead comes in. You want them to feel as if you’ve given them everything you promised and more so even once the purchase is done, their feedback can add to your electronic earnings conversion ­with internet reviews, photo sharing, and more.

Once every step is completed with each lead, it’s important to constantly look at your funnel and see what worked and what can be improved. We assist dealerships by exploring new marketing strategies and plotting comprehensive roadmaps to make your business as efficient as possible. Contact us today at ________ to get your automotive sales back on track!