Effective & Proven Social Media Marketing Techniques For Dentists

Social media marketing is one of the critical tools dentists can use to increase the presence of their practice. Using proven techniques in social media marketing for dentists can help them generate a regular flow of clients.
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If you want to know more about social media marketing for dentists and how it can be beneficial for your practice you’ve come to the right place.

While word-of-mouth publicity and reputation were the biggest drivers of business for dentists in the 90s, the advent of the 21st century has bought in more competition in terms of the growing number of dentists and how people look for and connect with dentists. 

Search engines, local business marketing, and social media channels are now the tools to watch out for when it comes to dental marketing. 

Of these tools, the one that stands out for engaging with audiences is Social Media Marketing.

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Dentists around the globe are using it to connect with new patients and strengthen their bonds with existing ones. This is why it makes immense sense to spend time and effort promoting your practice through social media. 

But, just don’t take our word for it!

Let’s look at some numbers that prove it’s the right way ahead. 

Approx. 82% of US Citizens have at least one social media account. In the age group 30 – 49, 81% of people use social media, while 73% do so in the age group 50 – 64. In addition, 54% of this audience uses social media to research products and services before buying or trying them.

These stats indicate that social media can be a very effective tool for dental marketing, provided it is implemented strategically and efficiently. 

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are the most popular social media channels to connect with patients.

Social Media Marketing For Dentists

To get you going, our team of digital marketing experts share some of the ways you can grow your practice. We will also show you how to attract high-value patients using social media marketing.

1.    Increase your social media presence

2.    Experiment with different content formats

3.    Use Paid advertising

4.    Build positive reviews

Increase your social media presence

With 75% of people admitting to purchasing a product or service they saw on social media, it’s time to scale up your presence on social media. 

By the term scaling up, we are referring to increasing the number of followers you have and being more regular and consistent with your posts. 

However, increasing the number of page followers you have organically takes too much time and effort. As an alternative, you can opt for paid advertising to increase your follower count for at least 2 – 3 months. 

People are more likely to start engaging with your content if they find it useful. As per research, people are more likely to conduct business with you if they see at least 2 to 3 posts about your product or service. It gives them a comfortable, trustworthy feeling due to which they follow your page.

That is why you need to create and share content regularly and consistently. However, do note that each social media platform is different. The frequency at which you should post on each forum varies as per your target audience. 

Social media experts suggest maintaining the following schedule.

Social Media Marketing For Dentists

One of the other best organic ways to increase your social media presence is to engage continuously with all the people who respond to your posts. Given the fact that they have taken time out from their busy lives to respond to your content, the least you can do is thank them for it.

Being proactive in responding to comments and brand mentions shows that you genuinely care about people. That can help build goodwill for your brand in the long run.

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Experiment with different content formats

Just as there is no similar solution for all dental problems, so is it with social media. Given the diversity of the audience on social media, it may take you some time till you discover the content style that works best for you.

You can experiment with different content styles such as humor, entertaining and informative blogs. Testimonials too are a great way to connect with your audience. 

Remember, there is no perfect formula for this. It all depends on how your audience receives it and finds it useful. The social media experts at The Dental Connect recommend following a content style based on the social media platform.

Repurpose Content

The same piece of content can be repurposed and presented to appeal to the audience on that platform.

For example, you can create a blog on “How to improve your oral health” for your website. You can then create different formats of the same content as per the different social media platforms.

On LinkedIn, you could share it as an infographic, on Facebook as a social media post with the blog link, a series of images on Instagram, and a short video on YouTube & TikTok.

You can also plan your content based on what works best on a particular platform. For example, surveys are a big thing on LinkedIn, while short videos & reels are big on Instagram & TikTok. On the other hand, Facebook users like to engage with content that is entertaining, informative, and useful to them.

When it comes to content, an important fact to remember is that 49% of people say they share because they find it informative and valuable to others. Creating high-quality content gives you an opportunity to show off your experience and authority in the dental industry. It also helps make a positive impression on your patients about your skills and experience in dental procedures.

Social Media Marketing For Dentists Tip: Getting your patients to post pictures of their visit to your clinic and tagging your clinic is a great way to increase awareness about your clinic on social media.

Use Paid Advertising 

For dentists who specialize in a particular field of dentistry or would like to focus on patients from a specific town, nothing works better than paid advertising on social media channels.

Some of the benefits that paid advertising offers are;

You can customize your ads for specific audiences based on demographics, lifestyle, education levels, and even the smartphones they use. That is immensely beneficial when you want to target patients for any high-value services or run a generic oral health campaign.

Easily track results and make changes to your ad campaigns for better results. For example, well-designed social media ads usually have a CTR (Click-through-Rate) of 2%, with 3% being considered top-end. Therefore, any ad that performs below 2% should be reviewed and changed as required. 

A good CTR % is essential because it results in a lower cost per lead. For example, an ad with a CTR of 1.50% may cost you $50 per lead. A similar ad with a CTR of 3% would cost you just $25 per lead approximately. That can make a big difference to your overall advertising budget and the number of leads you can generate through your ad campaigns.

Social media channels even offer the option of downloading the leads into a (CMS) customer management system directly. That helps you follow up and monitor all the leads generated more efficiently.

Paid advertising works

Compared to traditional advertising formats such as television, billboards, and radio, where it is difficult to monitor the ROI on ads, you can easily track these metrics on social media platforms. Moreover, there is hardly any or minimal wastage of your advertising resources since the ads are shown only to an audience you define.

Apart from these benefits, the biggest reason that you need to consider paid social media advertising is the fact that 49% of internet users say they are likely to purchase from brands they see advertised, as per a survey conducted by GWI. That’s quite a substantial number for your business to engage with and something you would definitely not like to miss out on.

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Social Media Marketing For Dentists: How to build positive reviews 

Guess what! More than 90% of consumers are influenced to buy products & services based on the reviews they read online. That’s something you should capitalize upon. 

Interestingly, 86% of consumers also decided not to buy a product or service after reading negative online reviews. 

These facts make it essential to generate positive reviews from your customers. The more the number of positive reviews you get, the better the chances of a prospective patient picking your clinic over others.

At myDentalConnect, we believe that your best sales or marketing people aren’t your employees but your past and existing customers. They can help build your practice with their referrals and word-of-mouth publicity. 

However, collecting reviews from customers is easier said than done. People usually don’t have the time or want to make an effort to leave a review about your business.

Some of the tips that you could consider implementing to get more good reviews using social media marketing are:

Call out and respond to the people who have left a good or bad review 

Being recognized for their efforts is an inherent desire among many people, be it for something as small and simple as leaving a review.

Responding to customer reviews and comments on social media channels, whether good or bad, shows that you pay attention to your customers. It also emphasizes that you are open to feedback on improving your services. Many customers consider this to be a good trait among and are more likely to do business with such companies.

Address negative reviews proactively

One of the most important success factors when it comes to social media marketing for dentists is to respond to reviews and feedback on time and not ignore negative reviews. You should instead address them with facts.

When it comes to negative or one-star reviews, make sure you and your team take time out to understand the reason for the same. No business is perfect, and there could be problems at your end, due to which the patient was dissatisfied. 

Address all the reviews you generate on social media channels proactively. It can go a long way in generating more positive reviews for your business. 

In fact, as per a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, businesses that respond to negative reviews end up getting more better reviews over a period of time. 

Make the first move

You don’t have to actually wait for a customer to review your services. Instead, you can turn the table around and give a positive review about your customer first and how fantastic the experience of working with them has been. 

That will surely prompt your patient to respond and positively acknowledge your comments.

You could even present a special offer for customers to leave a review about your business within 7 to 15 days of using your services. Using a time-bound incentive program can work wonders in generating positive reviews from customers.

Follow up good reviews with a referral request

Once you’ve got a patient, who has written a positive review about your practice, make sure you thank them and ask them for a referral. A happy and satisfied patient is more likely to refer your services.

You can do the same via email marketing if you want your referral program to be more personalized and discreet. 

Grow your practice and attract high-value patients using social media marketing for dentists

Social media marketing is one of the critical tools dentists can use to increase the presence of their practice. Using proven techniques in social media marketing for dentists can help them generate a regular flow of clients. It can also help attract high-value patients for procedures such as dental implants, crowns, and clear aligners. 

Being able to differentiate your business from the competition and highlight your achievements is the need of the hour. It is something that social media marketing can assist you with. Moreover, the flexibility and detailed tracking it offers is invaluable to gauge your ROI.

Used effectively, it can also help you collect positive reviews and referrals, which are highly beneficial in the long run. 

To create a brand image that patients find credible it’s time you spent more effort on your social media marketing. Once you’ve built up a long-term relationship with your patients, you can look forward to more busy times ahead.

For more information on social media marketing for dentists, you can schedule a free consultation with us.