3 Reasons Why Getting More Online Reviews Matters!

3 Reasons Why Getting More Online Reviews Matters!

If a business has excellent reviews, consumers are likely to spend 31% more money with that business than with another one that has lower reviews.
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Getting More Online Reviews Is Important

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Studies Show That 92% Of Customers Consult Reviews Before Making Any Purchase Decision. 

This is the most important reason it is important to spend time getting more online reviews! The single best summation of why getting more online reviews matters – is that they are read and trusted by other consumers. Of the 92% of customers who consult reviews before making any purchasing decision, 85% of those consumers trusted the reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation from a family member or friend.

It goes beyond this, though. Customers are using those reviews to inform their shopping and spending habits. For instance, if a business has excellent reviews, consumers are likely to spend 31% more money with that business than with another one that has lower reviews. This increased revenue is the reason alone for getting more online reviews. Note that this has nothing to do with the product price, the perception of quality, level of service, or any other traditional metric. It is predicated strictly on the number and rating of reviews.

But why? 72% percent of consumers say that it is all about TRUST. It is proven customers spend more with a business they trust. A business with positive reviews, particularly a local business, is seen as much more trustworthy than one with no reviews, and much more so than one with negative reviews. This is why it is important to utilize customer feedback in your marketing efforts, people trust other consumers more than they trust YOU! Along with consumers trusting you, getting more online reviews helps Google trust your business more also! Who wants to rank higher?

Why Getting More Online Reviews Affects Your Search Ranking?

Online reviews often get overlooked among the slew of factors that affect SEO, but they remain important – In today’s world of connected customers, reviews have a greater impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than ever before! According to the 2017 Local SEO Ranking Factors study carried out by Local SEO Guide, Google My Business reviews that used the searched-for keyword or query were the second most important factor for determining how prominently a business performed in the “Local Pack”—which is the box of local search and map results that appear at the top of relevant Google searches. Why you may ask?

1. Google Trusts Your Customers.

Google depends on signals to determine whether a site is worth good rankings or not. When your site receives a link from another relevant site, Google sees that as a kind of endorsement of trust, and rewards you with better visibility.

Similarly, when a customer reviews your business (good or bad), it tells Google that not only is your business a real, legit operation, but that other people have interacted with it and can help future potential customers make decisions. Getting more online reviews helps google recognize that your business is in fact a reputable place to recommend to potential customers!

2. Google Likes To Read.

Google “reads” your site to understand the world (or in this case, the Internet). The more content that it has available to read, the more it will know about your business. When you leverage customer reviews on your site for SEO or generate them on Google My Business, Google has lots of fresh content to read and lots of keywords to add to its understanding of your business. Not only this, getting more online reviews creates a fresh stream of references and will let people know that you’ve recently helped people needing similar products or services.

3. Great Reviews = More Stars = More Clicks.

Like it or not, people trust reviews. Think about it this way – if you’re faced with a Local Pack and two of the businesses have 2-star ratings while the third has 5-star ones, which one are you more likely to click on? Obviously the location with more quality reviews! Why? Because people want a predictable shopping experience, which is based on how you treat previous customers.

SEO rankings have long been known to be influenced by click-through rates. If a high percentage of searches choose your site from the search results, Google assumes you’re doing something right and will reward your site with better rankings. Reviews can play a big part in click-through rates, especially if you’re generating glowing reviews regularly. By enticing clicks with high ratings, you’ll likely see a boost in rankings, too. Getting more online reviews can help drive web traffic, boost sales, and even increase customer satisfaction!

As you can see, reviews are vital for businesses, particularly for local companies. It is essential that business owners monitor online conversations and take action. All reviews should be responded to, including positive ones, but negative reviews must be handled with care.

Start Winning Customers By Getting More Online Reviews

First Step: Be Connected. Once a customer has decided to choose your business, it needs to be easy for them to reach out to you. Make sure that accurate contact information is displayed on your website and business listings. Be sure that you’re engaging with your current customers so that they come back for more.

Next, you need to start getting more online reviews! Your happy customers would be happy to leave you reviews if you just ask them. They just need to be pushed in the right direction. Start sending review requests via text and email that link to sites like Google and Facebook. This way, all your customers need to do is click the link and leave a review. The biggest factor here is merely ASKING! Customers are substantially more likely to leave a positive review, for small businesses when asked to do so.

Use a CRM

Consider using a platform to easily start getting more online reviewsCobia’s Reputation Management software allows businesses to automatically send review requests to customers using existing business systems. We’ve seen that businesses that start collecting reviews automatically see an 8% increase in revenue in just six months.

Be the Best.

Remember, the aim should not be to make a sale. Instead, you should be aiming to create loyal customers for years to come. So how can you do that? The answer is to provide superior customer experiences. By delivering value on every touchpoint that your customer has with you, whether it’s making a purchase or contacting customer support, you’ll leave them with a positive perception of your brand! Leading to better feedback and ratings when getting more online reviews!

That’s why it’s important to collect and closely monitor customer feedback. This feedback will allow you to understand in what areas your business is coming up short of customer expectations. Not only is getting more online reviews! important, responding to customer reviews is also a must-do.

Responding to positive or negative feedback indicates that a business actually listens to its customers need’s. Many customers will often explore negative feedback to see if the business has made any attempt to rectify the complaint. Buyers are not expecting perfect service 100% of the time, but do need to know if they have an issue, it will be addressed.

Getting More Online Reviews Is The Key To Growing Your Business

Finally, getting more online reviews can be difficult and time-consuming. Often times, soliciting customers, following up, and then marketing reviews can leave a business with little time to focus on winning new business. Click Here: For more information on how you can automate the process of getting more online reviews!